How The Fashion Set Does St. Tropez

If you’re not galavanting around Europe this month you’re doing something wrong, it seems—fashion’s heavy hitters are all flocking to locales from Positano to Ibiza with their fabulous posses in tow. The latest destination du jour? The French coastal town of St. Tropez, where supermodels (Naomi Campbell), silver-screen royalty (Kate Hudson) and young-Hollywood fixtures (Nina Dobrev) alike are ‘gramming their way through boat rides, galas and magical sunsets aplenty. The place to see and be seen? Leonardo DiCaprio’s annual fundraising event, in which things such as private concerts with Elton John, island estate homes, arctic expeditions and art pieces with multimillion dollar price tags were auctioned off (guests aptly showed up in a swirl of couture to match the extravagant nature of the affair). Here, the envy-inducing photos of what these celebs are up to overseas.