This Is The Best Time To Book Your Holiday Travel

If your experience is anything like ours, mid-August is generally the time of year in which your mother starts to call you about booking holiday travel home ASAP, before the tickets become unreasonably expensive and/or you decide to go somewhere foreign and fun instead. Luckily, the next time she calls, you can greet her with good news. Airfare predictor app Hopper has just released a study alleging that airfare will drop by 8.3% this fall due to the low cost of fuel. The best time to book, according to Hopper, will be October, when average domestic roundtrip fares will be around $213; that said, the next six months generally look awesome in terms of fares, with even notoriously pricy months to book (November, December) hovering around the $200 r/t mark. The best news here, for us and for our mothers, is that tickets will be so cheap this holiday season that we may be able to afford both a flight home and a flight to St. Tropez for the well-earned cocktails we’ll need after all that family time.