The French Girl’s Guide To The 5 Best Brunches In The World

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we can’t help but think about brunch. Yes, you read that right—the day on which we’re supposed to honor the women who birthed and raised us mostly just makes us think about food. So sue us! And since one of our editors just learned the advantages of traveling abroad with her own mom, we thought we’d research the best brunch spots in the world in order to plan next year’s Mother’s Day a bit better than we did this go-round. (Or, at the very least, fantasize about a life in which we’re able to whisk our moms away to Italy for the sake of a good meal.) To aid us in this endeavor, we asked our newest French friend, LA-based food critic Victoire Louapre, for a list of the best of the best. Here, her five picks.


Atelier September

Where: Copenhagen Why: Nestled in probably the best food city in Europe, this spot was serving avocado toast before it was a thing, matcha before it was an Instagram trend and hard-boiled eggs before hipsters existed.



Where: London

Why: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Islington and Spitalfields brunch spots have redefined the London food scene with their mouthwatering shakshukas, vegetable-forward entrees and decadent cakes. Go early to avoid the lines, and order a few extra cakes to go.



Where: Paris

Why: This miniature restaurant is operated only by husband Omar and wife Moko, who serve the most delicious cookies in town. The labneh with homemade pita and the halva cake are musts, as well as the strawberry and elderflower tart if you're in luck. Mokonuts is only open Monday through Friday, so it's more of a bohemian (read: non-traditional) brunch spot, but it's too good to leave off the list.


S. Forno

Where: Florence Why: The owners of Il Santo Bevitore and Il Santino (aka the best restaurant and wine bar in Florence) have revamped a 150-year-old bakery where you'll find amazing coffee as well as bread, tartlets, pastries, panini, pizza, bruschetta and even granola.


Russ & Daughters

Where: New York City

Why: Sometimes brunch comes hand in hand with a hangover. And the ultimate cure is a smoked salmon board with extra bialy at this Ashkenazi gem on the Lower East Side. Add matzo ball soup for much-needed hydration and chocolate babka French toast just for the sake of it.