9 Trips You Should Take With Your BFFs In Your 20s

Once you’ve exited your 20s, it can be tough to get your girls together for a vacation given conflicting commitments to work, spouses and children. It can also be daunting to muster up motivation for a trip that involves marathon alcohol consumption and less-than-stellar accommodations. While you’ll never lose your desire for a getaway, priorities change, so we suggest pulling the trigger on these squad-perfect adventures before you hit 30, while you still have full access to your friends (and the energy of youth).



If you're the type of person who likes Vegas, it's never going to lose its allure; however, Vegas is best experienced when you're willing to do all sorts of wild things that will make for good stories when you're older. It's also best experienced with a group of like-minded girlfriends, as there's only so much trouble you can get into via the dinner-and-a-show version of Vegas you're more likely to experience with a significant other.

TZR Must-Visit: Absinthe and The Neon Museum (for the Instas).


The Music Festival

You absolutely should not miss out on the music festival experience when you're in your twenties—some of our most memorable bestie bonding experiences took place at Coachella, of all places. (Note: Burning Man definitely counts.)

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Miami is another city that can be enjoyed at any age, but we're partial to the version of a Miami trip that involves taking advantage of the wild club scene, pretending you're "European" enough to go topless on the beach (which is legal in Miami), and letting guys who wear their shirts unbuttoned buy your drinks.

TZR Must-Visit: El Tucán, for a classy, old-world-inspired break from the other kind of nightclub.


Spring Break

This entire concept doesn't exist once you complete your education, so we suggest you take advantage of it while you can. Also, how will you learn what not to do in life going forward if you don't make a ton of crazy (but fun) mistakes somewhere you'll never believe you once visited, like Tijuana.

TZR Must-Visit: Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas, because it's a rite of passage.


"Marquee" Europe

We love under-the-radar destinations, but we suggest you postpone seeing them in favor of visiting Europe's greatest hits while you're still young enough to not be jaded by crowds and the like. Cities such as Paris, Rome, Florence and et cetera are all musts for a girl's trip in college, a "gap year" backpacking jaunt, or even a 3-day weekend getaway.

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Rio, Florianopolis, and Punto del Este

We highly recommend spending the time around Christmas and New Year's Eve in these three destinations for an experience you'll never forget. As the men are, ahem, not unattractive in this region, we suggest you make this happen while you're still single.

TZR Must-Visit: The P12 party in Florianopolis, for the eye candy.


Road Trip Across the U.S.

This is definitely one of those trips that will be impossible to organize when you're older given it requires that you set aside a fairly significant amount of time. We love the idea of a doing a crawl across the Old South, driving up the New England coast, following the Pacific Coast Highway, or creating a more specific itinerary revolving around something like "the best music venues in America."

TZR Must-Visit: Salvation Mountain in Niland, California, for the Instagram photo opp.


New Orleans

On this one, we're specifically recommending you visit at Mardi Gras, drink more Hurricanes than you would ever be able to stomach in your thirties or beyond and, ahem, watch others collect beads on Bourbon St.

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Ibiza is not for the faint of heart. We suggest knocking this one off your bucket list when you're young enough to party all night and into the next day, but old enough to know your limits so you don't end up in an emergency room—somewhere in the 26 to 28-year-old range is probably advisable.

TZR Must-Visit: Lío, for cabaret, Pacha-style.