The Zoe Report Recaps: Amazon’s Making The Cut, Season 3 Episodes 7 & 8 — Find Out Who Was Crowned The Winner

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by Andrea Gale
Amazon Studios

Spoilers for Making the Cut, season 3 ahead! The final four contestants have survived six intense assignments, with two final — and even more intense — challenges ahead. Which contestant will seize the $1 million prize, along with a covetable mentorship with Amazon and the opportunity to sell their designs on Amazon Fashion? Read on for what you missed in Episode 7 and the grand finale, and to discover who was crowned this season’s winner.

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Episode 7: “Concept Store”


The energy is palpable as Georgia, Yannik, Jeanette, and Rafael meet with Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum to learn about their penultimate challenge: Designing their very own concept store. Making The Cut’s own design team will work with the contestants to bring their ideas to life. In addition, they are to create a minimum of four new accessible looks for their stores, but the assignment doesn’t stop there: They’re also tasked with designing a 10-look finale collection representative of their brands — and they only have four weeks to design and execute both their concept stores (which will all be in the same warehouse space) and collection. Plus, Christine Beauchamp, the SVP of Consumer Categories at Amazon, will join the judges in these final two challenges.

In designing his concept store, the minimalistic, futuristic Yannik favors “imperfect, broken, but very well-designed stuff.” He imagines mannequins that are aged and cracked to match his favored aesthetic. Like his mannequins, Yannik’s concept store is all white, with metallic crack detailing across the walls and floor. Worried that his all-white designs will alienate buyers, he decides to include pops of blue and green in his accessible clothing collections. When Gunn tells the contestants that they can include up to three pieces from their finale collections in their concept stores, Yannik decides against it — he wants to tease the judges. It’s a bold move, but one fitting of a designer with an equally bold aesthetic. For Klum, the risk pays off — Yannik’s store is Klum’s favorite of the bunch, and says that she feels like “Yannik is right now.” Jeremy Scott and Nicole Richie love his choice to mix in some color, but Beauchamp worries that only a few of his pieces are truly wearable.


Seeking a vibe that’s both “futuristic and cozy,” Rafael designs his concept store with chrome and mirrors; initially, Gunn is concerned that Rafael’s store will look “very bare,” and tells Rafael he either needs to have more in the collection, or re-conceive the space. Taking Gunn’s advice to heart, Rafael decides to include pieces from his finale collection to add drama, like a full-length, shocking pink feathered gown with a matching handbag, which immediately catches the eye of Beauchamp and Klum. The judges love the kitschy feel of the store and the collection, and Richie especially connects with Rafael’s “morning loungewear.” And Beauchamp appreciates that Rafael has included a variety of looks, both casual and dressy. “Well done,” Klum says. Rafael’s store is Richie’s favorite, and Beauchamp loves that “there were a lot of wearable pieces.”

Inspired by the artist Richard Serra, Georgia wants her concept store to feel like an art gallery; she designs curved walls with a matte concrete finish to showcase her accessible collection. Gunn adores the space Georgia’s designed, but advises that she do more to connect the design of the store with her brand. Georgia rallies, and creates a piece of plaster art that echoes her design silhouettes. The judges notice the cohesion. Scott is excited by the sculptural, vibrant blue dress she’s included from her finale collection, while Beauchamp loves that Georgia’s pieces fit a wide range of sizes. But Klum is less impressed. While she agrees that Georgia has created beautiful, wearable designs in the past, she “doesn’t see any of that in here.”

The design of Jeanette’s store is minimal, white, and elegant; she doesn’t want the space to compete with the sunset-inspired colors of her designs. Beauchamp and Klum appreciate Jeanette’s use of live models to showcase the way her clothes drape, but Klum has a harder time finding Jeanette’s identity in her store. All of the judges agree that Jeanette’s display choices made it difficult to appreciate the individual pieces, but they also agree that, as a designer, she has tremendous potential.

Who will stay, and who will go? While the judges love Rafael’s concept store and his designs, ultimately, it’s Yannik who wins the challenge — Klum declares him “the future” of fashion.

With Yannik and Rafael safe, Georgia and Jeanette await the judges’ decision. Richie appreciates the specificity of Georgia’s pieces but wonders if “it’s a little too one-note,” while Klum says, “for me, it is not a million dollar brand.” Of Jeanette, Richie criticizes her product placement, and Klum says she doesn’t “feel the brand in there.” Ultimately, Georgia makes the cut and Jeanette is sent home, but Gunn embraces her and tells her, “I am the president of your fan club.”

And with that, we’re off to the grand finale. But before we find out who will take home that major prize, scroll on to shop Yannik’s winning designs on Amazon’s Making The Cut store.

The Winning Look

Take advantage of Yannik’s cool, androgynous style with this boxy half zip sweatshirt; in ethereal shades of blue and green over Yannik’s signature white, this top features wide short sleeves with a deconstructed, editorial edge. It’s the sort of year-round piece you’ll reach for in weather both warm and cool; when temperatures drop, layer over a turtleneck.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X
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This sleeveless cutout dress from Yannik’s winning collection features a subtle sternum cutout and asymmetrical hemline, in two eye-catching color combinations. Wear this with platform sandals to all your summer picnics, or pair it with Yannik’s beloved white combat boots when the weather gets chilly.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X
  • Available colors: 2

A pair of white joggers is the sort of unexpectedly chic piece you’ll get so much wear out of, and this pair from Yannik’s winning collection feature an editorial, slightly ballooned silhouette that would look incredible paired with an oversized puffer.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X
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The Companion Piece

Whether you’re pairing this long sleeve hoodie inspired by Yannik’s winning look with his polar fleece joggers (highly recommend), or wearing it with a pair of ripped white jeans, you’ll appreciate the slightly ballooned, oversized sleeves and blousy fit. If you didn’t think loungewear could be high fashion, this piece will make you think again.

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Episode 8: “Finale”


The grand finale has arrived! For their last challenge, the contestants are to create a 10-look collection, which must contain at least four accessible looks and two menswear looks. But before the show — which will be held on a rooftop in the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles — they will be pitching their brands to Amazon’s SVP of Consumer Categories Christine Beauchamp. Gunn reminds the contestants of the importance of their business pitches; “it is imperative that Christine has a clear vision of you, and your brand, and what you plan to do with a million dollars,” he says. Those pitches will play a part in the judges’ ultimate decision.

James Clark

First up on the runway is Georgia, whose collection showcases custom prints based on her paper sculptures. Her aim is to show how wearable her pieces are for different sizes. The judges love her printed bodysuit, paired with a flouncy, ruched pale pink dress with a long train. Some of her accessible looks, however, the judges find less exciting; Scott says she “turned the volume down.” And her attempt at menswear is not so well-received; as Beauchamp notes, “you can tell she’s just trying her hand” at the category.

Yannik’s finale collection features deconstructed and reimagined pieces inspired by classic menswear. In keeping with Yannik’s “freaky” aesthetic, the models’ glam features forward-braided cornrows, with some faces covered in white stockings, affixed with long, off-kilter false eyelashes. The collection is full of Yannik’s signature unexpected design sense; a pair of pants reimagined as a dress, or a short, off-the-shoulder toga crafted of contrasting textured white fabric. The judges are immediately into it, with Richie praising a long white shirt dress as both “accessible and exciting,” and another mini dress as “sexy and conceptual.” Each piece delights, and Klum says “he just keeps on surprising me.”

The final collection to take to the runway is Rafael’s. As a model struts down the runway in a brightly printed, wide-leg suit complete with a headscarf, Klum declares, “I would wear that.” While not every piece hits — a bright green pair of coveralls layered over a turquoise turtleneck makes Klum wonder “is it winter, is it spring, I’m not sure what it is” — the judges appreciate the collection’s composition and shimmer, and his use of color.

The judges have a difficult task in deciding on the winner. Klum finds Georgia’s finale collection “so fresh and so new,” but worries it isn’t truly representative of who she is as a designer. While Richie tells Georgie she is “a true artist,” Scott thinks some of her accessible pieces are “almost too accessible.” She is sent home.

And just like that, it’s down to Yannik and Rafael, vying for the coveted final prize. Scott loves the way Rafael uses color, but he worries that it might “be too much for some customers,” while Beauchamp thinks that, from a business perspective, Rafael could “benefit the most from mentorship” and that “his plan was the most risky.” On the other hand, Scott says that Yannik can “continually grow” and Beauchamp is impressed by his business plan, but wonders whether he will be able to make his work appeal to a wide customer base.

Ultimately, the judges are unanimous in their decision: They declare Yannik the winner of the $1 million cash prize; an exclusive mentorship with Amazon Fashion; and the opportunity to launch both his winning collection, Maison Blanche, and an all-gender brand, rare/self, on Amazon.

But there’s still good news for Rafael: Beauchamp offers to personally mentor him, and Amazon also wants to make his brand, Chaouiche, available on Amazon.

Congratulations are in order to Yannik, the official winner of Making The Cut Season 3, as well as Rafael for making such a strong impression on the judges. And, lucky for us, we can shop both of their gorgeous brands on Amazon ASAP.

Shop The Winning Collection

This season is all about elevated basics, and this maison blanche bodysuit is the perfect example: It’s just as easy to wear as your standard bodysuit, but the layered, deconstructed silhouette and subtle eggshell pattern adds so much more interest and texture to a simple outfit.

  • Available sizes: 1 — 8
  • Available colors: 4

Talk about a statement piece. Straight from the runway, Yannik’s deconstructed blazer has a classic double-breasted cut and oversized fit, but that cut-through detail is anything but ordinary. Style it as you would any other blazer in your closet — whether with a mini dress for a night out, or some matching trousers for a full suit moment — and prepare to be stopped in the street by admirers.

  • Available sizes: 2 — 8
  • Available colors: 2

The judges fawned over this “floating” button-down shirt when it came down the runway, as it’s just as much a piece of performance art as it is clothing. Though it may look precarious, there’s no need to fear an accidental wardrobe malfunction: This thoughtfully engineered shirt is secured with a row of adjustable buckles in back.

  • Available sizes: 1 — 8
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