The Secret to Gigi Hadid’s Signature Walk

Gigi Hadid’s reign over the fashion (and music video) industry knows no bounds. On the heels of her stunning Vogue Paris cover release, the superstar model is sharing secrets to her signature catwalk and revealing her killer sense of humor. In a short film by Steven Brahms, the blonde beauty explains her rigorous training regime, noting that you can’t expect to come into the fashion industry and immediately be a great walker. A few of her pro tips include starting with a crawl, trusting your feet and finding the method that works for you. She notes, “It’s always left foot in front of right foot. If you go right in front of left, everyone’s going to know. It’s embarrassing—it’s like social suicide.” We feel that. Here, watch how Gigi gets runway ready and explains that, “Honestly, the world is your runway.”

Homepage Image: @gigihadid