Taylor & Selena Take Bestie Style To A New Level

Last night, Selena Gomez made a cameo on stage at Taylor Swift’s fifth Los Angeles show. We were thrilled to see the “Good for You” singer grab the mic, and equally excited about the duo’s matching outfits. We’ve been known to accidentally wear the same look as our besties, but to think these ladies planned it is next-level. Because when you’re both at the top of the Young Hollywood totem pole, why compete?

We love how Selena paired her black short-shorts with a studded choker, while Taylor kept her shoulders bare but added garters to her thigh-high boots. Of course, their risqué looks were made for the stage. To take this vibe into real life, why not coordinate with tailored shorts and monochromatic accessories? Here, two looks for you and your #rideordie girl—you’ll be the chicest pair in town.

Matchy Matchy

Photo: Getty Images

All-White Outfit

All-Black Outfit