The Surprising Thing Mary-Kate Olsen Has Never Done

When Vogue posted a rare interview with the ever-elusive Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen yesterday, we were so distracted by its envy-inducing description of The Row’s new digs in New York that it took us a minute to absorb the piece’s biggest bombshell. At the end of the interview, Mary-Kate very nonchalantly mentioned that she’s never purchased anything online. But… how? We understand that the experience of seeing and touching clothing could be crucial for someone with a sense of aesthetics as elevated as Mary-Kate, or any designer for that matter; however is it possible she’s never so much as impulsed-purchased an item from from one of the many retailers singing compelling and inescapable siren songs online each and every day of our lives? We’re skeptical, but we suppose it’s possible she has someone who does the online bidding on her behalf. Or, could it be that Mary-Kate is telling the absolute truth, and that she’s not so much old-school as she is a harbinger of the next wave in ‘cool’, being the first to make a claim what could replace “I don’t own a TV” as the ultimate in nonchalant chic? TBD.