Is That A Forever 21 Dress On Carrie Bradshaw?

Fans of the Sex and the City reboot are puzzled.

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Carrie Bradshaw's style famously encapsulated that coveted and cool New Yorker style. The Sex and the City character set the trends (Dior saddlebags, anyone?) and approached dressing in a bold way, whether that was by wearing a newspaper print dress or a Chanel shirt backwards. She had a penchant, too, for designer items like Manolo Blahnik shoes and Fendi Baguette bags, which all paired well with her fashion-forward identity. Thus, when Sarah Jessica Parker recently wore a Forever 21 dress on the Sex and the City reboot, fans were shocked. Was Carrie, the ultimate style icon, in a ... fast-fashion brand?

Parker and the cast have been filming all over NYC for And Just Like That..., so fans have been able to get glimpses, here and there, of the costumes on set. In a recent behind-the-scenes shot, courtesy of watchful paparazzi, Parker was pictured wearing a paisley print maxi dress (from Forever 21) layered over an oversize blue button-down shirt. The outfit itself was innocuous, had Sex and the City fashion sleuths not uncover the brands, but once the secret was out, people had thoughts. Some Instagram users were into the accessibility of Bradshaw’s recent affordable look while other fans were exasperated by the lack of original taste in the reboot. “So Carrie went from stylish and sexy to frumpy? And chunky heels since when?” said Instagram user @bjaleh. “Carrie in fast fashion? 🤔” another Instagram user, @dlm.hearts, questioned. Fans were puzzled why Carrie, who has a closet full of designer goods, would opt for a fast-fashion retailer.

The rest of Parker’s outfit, however, was very much in line with her character’s usual fashion fare: a Gucci x Balenciaga Hourglass bag and a pair of £275 sparkly disco heels from English shoemaker Terry de Havilland.

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Although this look is one of Carrie’s most polarizing ensembles yet, for those who prefer a more optimistic approach to the reboot’s costuming, there is one takeaway from this dress and shirt outfit. Come fall, one way to transition your summer frocks into an autumn-appropriate staple is by layering it with a long-sleeve shirt. This will not only keep you warm once the temperatures drop, but it also adds that unexpected layering element. To recreate this look for yourself in a few months, shop similar button-downs and maxi dresses, below.

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