Rachel’s Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Our glam Editor in Chief knows a thing or two about maintaining a well-kept closet, so before embarking on our end-of-season wardrobe overhaul, we asked her for a few pointers. Here are her top tips, including everything from organization ideas to seasonal shopping strategies. You’re welcome.

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Whether this means storing pieces on your highest shelves, in suitcases, or in a sealed bag in the garage, removing seasonally inappropriate items will reduce clutter.

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The same philosophy applies to reintroducing pieces that have been in storage. There is no need to reach for the thick winter coats until later in the fall. Start small!

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Hanging items alongside similar pieces helps you to not only see what you have more clearly, but also evaluate what you don't need to invest in. Sometimes it takes seeing them all lined up to realize you probably don't need to buy yet another black leather jacket.

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Be ruthless when editing your closet. Donate pieces or consign them. If you sell discards at sites like Poshmark, ShopHers and TheRealReal, clothes you "might one day want to wear again" become cash that can be put towards clothes you will wear everyday.

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Make a list of pieces you desperately want, then assess which of them will work with the largest number items you already own. If you can't wear it 3 different ways, it's not an investment, its a splurge.

The best items to invest in for fall are a sleek, wear with everything boot, a neutral but elegant bag, a statement coat and a luxurious knit. Check out our Fall Trend Guide for inspiration, then go forth and pick the pieces that suit you, and your existing style, the most.