What I Wish I’d Known at the Beginning of My Career

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I am fortunate to say that I don’t have many regrets in my career, but if I was able to turn back time and speak with my younger self, there are a few key pieces of advice I would drive home. In fact, they are words of wisdom that I continue to tell myself to this day!

1. Don’t Be Driven by Dollar Signs

Always let your passions lead you. My undying devotion to fashion and all that comes with it is what drives me to work every day – never the money. If you let a potential financial gain dictate any of your career decisions, you can be led astray from what you really love. Plus, with your heart as your compass, you will naturally be so much more invested in everything you do, which often results in a lucrative outcome on its own.

2. Stay Grateful and Gracious

Never forget that you have so much to absorb from the world. Stay humble and cherish every opportunity you’ve been given – because it may not come around a second time. When entering a new job, ditch any sense of entitlement immediately and be eager to observe and learn from your superiors and more experienced peers. Even with 20+ years of experience under my belt, I am still learning something new every day.

3. Be a Team Player

Don’t make everything a competition amongst your coworkers. Instead, treat your team like a family (even when things are tough) and be quick to help someone out whenever you can. Be polite and cordial always. The fashion industry, like all industries, is a very small world, so you never know who you are going to work with again down the line. My team now is my everything – I couldn’t do anything that I do without them!