The Genius Phone Case With A Built-In Shortcut Button

Sunglasses? Check. SPF? Absolutely. Phone? There’s nothing more essential to your Coachella-bound suitcase than this pocket-size accessory that’s always within reach. (Just think of all those anticipated selfies and group photos!) And considering you’ll be constantly snapping action shots and generally running around in the desert, it’d be wise to keep your phone protected in a chic case.

Our very own EIC Rachel Zoe teamed up with Google to bring her signature style to a series of customized Live Cases for the Pixel phone. The genius case can launch your favorite app, Chrome or your camera with a single click—which comes in mighty handy when you need to take a selfie with your favorite musician. Oh, and did we mention the stylish cases come with coordinated wallpaper for your phone screen that loads automatically? Now that’s one way to stay fashionable and functional on festival day.