Rachel Zoe Is Returning To Your Screens

Billy Farrell/BFA.com

Aside from being an inspiring career woman, mother and entrepreneur, Rachel Zoe is very simply a blast to be around (and no, we’re not just saying that because she’s our boss). We get to see her on the regular, so we thought it only fair to share her antics with you in a weekly series called Real Life with Rachel Zoe, which offers a sneak peek into her glamorous and crazy world. From camping with her family (in heels, naturally) to sending her new collection down the runway, she’s documenting what happens behind the scenes of her fast-paced life, week by week. Tune in this Sunday to Rachel and our Instagram stories to see her attending the Oscars festivities then catch her every Sunday thereafter at 9am PST. See below for an introduction to the series and let us know what you want to see in the comments below!