This Mandy Moore-Approved Eyeliner Is *The* Most Genius Tool For Perfect Wings

An eyeliner to remember.

US actress Mandy Moore arrives for the premiere of Lionsgates' "Midway" at the Regency Village Theat...

A universal, undeniable, inarguable law of life, right up there with gravity: the times when you need your liquid eyeliner to be the most flawless and laser-precise are always the times when it goes horribly — and often hilariously — wrong. Then, as the clock ticks and your phone blows up with “What’s your ETA?” texts, you’ll wonder where it all fell apart, though hint: it’s usually attempting to “even out” the wings. It’s all too relatable, even for the most stylish celebrities. One star, though, may have found the perfect product solution. Mandy Moore’s GUIDE Beauty eyeliner, as seen on her Instagram Story, is her secret weapon to flawless liquid liner. And judging by the video she shared, it seems like an ideal tool for anyone struggling to get those perfect wings — even in a serious time crunch.

“As someone who can't do my own makeup to save my life,” Moore captioned the video, “this tool is beyond.” The product itself is an innovative take on classic liquid eyeliner. Using a dual pot and wand tool made with a handy-steadying grip and unique tip, it guides the hand along the lash line for foolproof, brush-free application.


Moore says in the video that the inventive liner was introduced to her by the Streicher Sisters, a family trio consisting of celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher, makeup artist Jenn Streicher, and brow expert Kristie Streicher. And as it happens, the GUIDE Beauty tool Moore raved about happened to be developed by a professional makeup artist, too.

GUIDE Founder Terri Bryant’s career as a top celebrity makeup artist took her around the world where she worked with top models, A-list stars, and plenty of topline brands including Dior and Stila. But when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Bryant found herself having difficulty applying the makeup she knows so well. Applying her unique knowledge base and personal experience to the problem, she developed GUIDE Beauty. The inclusive brand, designed for truly everyone, is already a favorite among celebrities and civilians alike thanks to its intuitive, easy-to-hold product components, rich formulas, and undeniably chic packaging.

An inclusive tool that glides product on like a dream and lasts all day? Sounds like Moore knows how to pick ‘em — and can easily pivot to makeup influencer any time she feels like it.

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