Lizzo’s New Highlights Prove She’s Firmly In Her It-Girl Era

Not that it was ever a question.


Just when you think Lizzo can’t get any better, she goes and one-ups herself. This week, the “Truth Hurts” singer dropped a series of Instagram photos showing off a brand new hairstyle that has fans going wild; and as she states in the post, is representative of her “It-girl era”. Though she’s arguably held It-girl status since she first burst onto the music scene, Lizzo’s money piece hair is certainly a noteworthy transformation. The photos, which she captioned with “It-girl era activities💅🏾”, has already amassed over half a million likes and no shortage of comments fawning over the new look.

As with so many early 2000s styles previously deemed outdated and cringe-worthy, money piece highlights — aka chunky, face-framing highlights — have made their triumphant (and somewhat unexpected) return to the trend cycle in recent years. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Beyonce have been loving the style, which though daring in its own right, is a lot more subtle than its Y2K origins. The money piece highlights of the 2020s, including Lizzo’s new look that features light blonde highlights, utilize techniques like balayage and babylights to appear more blended and less stark against the rest of the hair.

Along with her trendy new hair color, Lizzo is wearing a two-piece Grecian-style ensemble, including a white corset and flowy white skirt. She topped the look off with chunky white sneakers, layered necklaces, and oversized hoop earrings, crediting Jason Rembert for styling her. Lizzo’s makeup, a smoky eye with bold lashes and dramatic contour, was done by makeup artist Alex Mayo, who frequently works with the star.

As for the money piece hair, Lizzo tagged celebrity hairstylist Shelby Swain, who on her Instagram profile calls herself “The Beyonce Of BabyHair”. Swain has yet to share the details behind Lizzo’s new look, but it’s safe to say that it will serve as the final push for many to finally try the Y2K style. After all, it’s a fairly low-risk way to approach hair color, as money piece highlights don’t require the maintenance that a full head of blonde typically does — plus, it’s much less commitment. It’s also continued to be on celebrity hairstylists’ trend radar season after season, so it doesn’t look like it’ll be going out of style anytime soon.