Kourtney Kardashian’s Best Halloween Costumes Are Both Super Sultry & Terrifying

The fall queen is here with endless costume inspo.

The Kardashians love any excuse to go all-out for the holidays. As the family's resident Halloween fanatic, Kourtney Kardashian ensures her costumes and home decor are all delightfully extra. TZR is rounding up Kourtney Kardashian’s best costumes for the ultimate Halloween costume inspiration.@kourtneykardashian
When in doubt, go spooky-glam — it’s easy, pretty, and unassailable. Kardashian’s take on ‘50s icon Vampira required little more than a curve-hugging gown, major eyebrow arches, a cigarette holder, and a black-and-white Insta filter. @kourtneykardash
The VS Angels may have hung up their wings for good, but Kardashian and her sisters could easily pass for lingerie models. To recreate the look, go bold in strategic lingerie (think teddies, bodysuits, and garters like Kardashian’s) or throw on a short, silk robe for warmth. @kourtneykardash
The beauty of Kourtney Kardashian’s Bonnie & Clyde costume (here with ex Younes Bendjima) is that her outfit and blonde wig only look like a costume in context next to Clyde. On its own, the blouse, skirt, and hat are simply an incredible throwback outfit. @kourtneykardash
Kardashian’s dead (undead?) bride costume is yet another prime example of the ultimate Halloween hack: When in doubt, go for the spooky-glam aesthetic. For this look, pale, corpselike foundation, smoky red-charcoal eyes, and an upcycled white mini dress are truly all you need. @kourtneykardash
This was one of last year’s hottest costumes, so expect to see plenty of Rhinestone Cowgirls (and cowboys) this year. Kourtney Kardashian’s glittering take on the look is all about movement — particularly the satisfying swish of all those sequin-covered tassels.@kourtneykardash
Is there any costume more fun than a celebrity dressed as another celebrity? Kim Kardashian set the bar high with her now-iconic Cher costume, but her sister Kourtney easily clears it with her take on Ariana Grande — clock the cat-eye wing, babydoll dress, and major long ponytail extensions. @kourtneykardash
Kourtney Kardashian isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom — and that means a kid-friendly group costume with her adorable family. For her version of Spider-Man, Kardashian opted for knee-high boots, a spiderweb corset, extension-enhanced braids, and mask-like makeup. @kourtneykardash
Here’s another little-known Halloween tip: Any costume that by definition requires you to eat and carry around corndogs is a costume you want to wear. Case in point: Kardashian’s vintage Hotdog On A Stick vendor costume, which she wore with bestie Steph Shepherd. @kourtneykardash

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