Kate Middleton Cut Her Hair, Here’s Why It’s Worth Copying

Max Mumby/Indigo

There are two types of girls in the world, the ones who frequently change hair color and effortlessly transition from waist-length beach waves to a cropped pixie cut, and those who consider a trim to be a major commitment. Given the amount of fire Kate Middleton comes under for something as simple as an above-knee skirt, we’re not surprised to learn that she is of the latter variety, as evidence by her most recent 3-inch trim. What we will say though, is that this kind of choice (versus a Kim Kardashian-level bleach moment), is the reason why her locks are so impossibly vibrant. Unsure of your next hairstyle? We suggest following in the Duchess’ footsteps and opting for a healthy trim. By the time festival season rolls around you’ll have envy-inducing strands just begging for flower crown. Recreate her style with these tips.

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Gentle Shampoo

Don't strip hair of natural oils, instead, opt for a gentle formula.

Hydrating Conditioner

High-shine strands don't happen by themselves. Use a hydrating formula for added lustre.

Volumizing Mousse

Create youthful volume by applying a mousse to damp hair.

Large Round Brush

Use a large round brush to blow dry your locks for bouncy results.