Kate Hudson's Anti-Resolution Will Make You Rethink Your 2024 Goals

Let’s play.

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While many might be knee-deep in executing their New Year’s resolutions, Kate Hudson is doing the opposite. In fact, when asked about the January practice adopted by the masses, the actor and entrepreneur is quick to dismiss it. “The idea to put any pressure on myself for anything in the future is just insane to me,” says Hudson on a recent Zoom call with TZR. “I do so much in a day. I don't need to have a resolution. Actually, it's like the opposite. I want to play a little bit more. I just want to be in it. I just want to be.”

This is a very realistic mindset considering the actor and entrepreneur really does do so much in a day. In addition to acting and singing — she’s currently working on her first recorded album — Hudson owns several businesses — athletic wear brand Fabletics, vodka company King St., and nutritional supplement label INBLOOM. The latter of these ventures is keeping the Los Angeles native particularly busy these days thanks to its recent packaging rebrand and launch in Whole Foods markets across the country. With all these projects and developments in the works, Hudson says she always wants to feel like her work has real purpose and meaning behind it.

“I think that I love being a part of businesses and I love being very entrepreneurial,” says Hudson, explaining that she’s very intentional with the building of her brands. “Why do people do it? Is this a money grab? Are you trying to do it because you're supposed to do it and because you're going to make money doing it? I don't ever live that way and I don't want to promote that.”

Indeed, Hudson’s portfolio of companies and projects seem to truly align with her personal interests and ethos: quality time with friends and family (King Street), working out (Fabletics), taking care of herself from the inside out (INBLOOM). For Hudson, work should still be fun and authentic to who you are and what you believe in.

It should also be balanced. The actor understands that each season of life prioritizes a specific venture and project. These days, her energy has been poured into “purposeful brand-building,” particularly INBLOOM’s latest partnership and product evolution — the packaging is now fully biodegradable — as well as films and her new music, which seems to be coming our way soon (although no timeline has been confirmed).

“We need to be more purposeful in how we promote businesses, how we create businesses,” she says. “I think [of] art, similarly. We need to be more courageous in our art. We need to be saying things that sometimes people have a hard time connecting to. [...] That's what 2024 and moving forward should be [about]. What is the purpose behind all of it?”

But, still, she recognizes that she wouldn’t have the courage to pursue these passions in business and art if she wasn’t healthy — mentally and physically. “If I didn't have the mindset, if I didn't take the effort and the discipline to eat well, to meditate, to really look to be content in my personal life, I wouldn't have the courage to face all the criticism or all the rejection,” she explains. “All these things come from actually putting the work in, taking the time to take care of yourself, to take care of your mental fitness.”

By the sounds of it, Hudson isn’t so much about New Year’s resolutions as she is about manifestations, which is much more effective if you ask us.