How To Take A Selfie When You Hate Selfies

Unless you’re a photographer, celebrity, or @TheFatJewish, chances are most of the love you get on Instagram comes to you via your selfies. Though many of us are loathe to post them, the pictures we share of ourselves are traditionally the ones our friends and followers most want to see in their feeds. So, how do you satisfy the masses by taking a selfie if you’re not so comfortable with the art of digital vanity? We’ve scoured some of our favorite Instagrams for 10 acceptable alternatives to the straight-on selfie shot.

Photo Credit: @kendalljenner

The Shadeball Selfie

This is our go-to photo crutch, for obvious reasons. One, it doesn’t matter how tired (read: hungover) you look. Two, it’s an excuse to humblebrag about your collection of sunnies/memorialize them before they’re lost.

Photo Credit: @katebosworth

The ‘Baby Got Back’ Selfie

Karlie might be a model, but how genius is this pose for those of us not so genetically blessed? It’s a swimsuit selfie (read: worst nightmare) that hides both the tummy and the tush.

Photo Credit: @karliekloss

The Adoration Selfie

Single? Don’t worry. You can sub in a bestie, a baby, a beagle… or whomever’s mug you admire most. Related: The Cheek Kiss Selfie. Same idea, with a kiss.

Photo Credit: @alwaysjudging

The Windswept Selfie

If possible, we’d suggest trying to reenact this photo on a boat or the beach, if just for the sake of sexiness. However, we’ll admit to being most likely to rock this look inadvertently while walking down the street on any given weekday.

Photo Credit: @gighadid

The Behind-The-Book Selfie

Bonus points for the book not being The Alchemist or On The Road.

Photo Credit: @gillianzinser

The #TBT Selfie

You undoubtedly look cooler than you did when you were nine, but it’s easier to be unselfconscious with a little distance. Plus, unlike contemporary photos, the more awkward the image, the more likely your followers are to love it.

Photo Credit: @fingermonkey

The Foliage Selfie

Palm fronds preferred.

Photo Credit: @erinwasson

The Snapback Selfie

This is the perfect cheat for those no makeup moments.

Photo Credit: @chungalexa

The LOL Selfie

The best thing about this pose is that it’s (ideally) candid, which means you’re actually lost in the moment and not at all worried about Instagram.

Photo Credit: @nicolerichie