This Is Hailey Bieber’s Go-To Wellness Secret When Traveling

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by Natalia Lusinski
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When going on a trip, you may be wondering what to bring with you (and what to leave at home), especially if you want to pack light. Plus, you want to make room for the essentials — and that’s where Hailey Bieber’s wellness-focused travel secret comes into play. After all, just because you’re checking out a new vacation destination, or taking a work trip, doesn’t mean you should skimp on self-care. One of Bieber’s go-to must-haves? Arrae, 100% naturopathic doctor-formulated Debloat & Anxiety alchemy capsules.

Full of minerals, herbs, and fruit-based enzymes, they’re formulated to supercharge your digestion and relax your mind. Not only are they vegan and filler-free, but they’re also fast-acting: They provide results and relief in under an hour — so any digestive issues you’re having don’t have to ruin your trip. The capsules target the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which controls bodily functions when you’re in a “rest and digest” state.

According to Arrae’s website, founders Siff Haider and Nish Samantray created the company with the mission “to help women feel their best, so they can be their best.” Haider states that she’d struggled with health issues for years and turned to natural remedies as a last resort. “After troubleshooting my own health problems through the use of herbs, minerals, and vitamins, I realized that natural products had the power to solve women’s toughest day-to-day health issues,” she says on the site.

As far as traveling is concerned, Haider says it can be stressful and cause unwanted digestive issues for a lot of people. “Our products include science-backed ingredients and are perfect for travel since they’re designed to be taken together,” she tells TZR in an email. “Our vegan Alchemy Capsules are a blend of high-quality herbs, minerals, and vitamins — so you can feel good about what you put into your body.”

So if you, too, want to get your bloating issues under control, Arrae products can help. Bloating is common, by the way — and one in 10 Americans say they suffer from it regularly. You may be bloated if you feel discomfort in your stomach after eating — it feels full, painful, and/or you experience gas or rumbling sounds. According to the Cleveland Clinic, bloating is often a digestive issue, although stress, hormones, or an underlying medical condition can be factors, too. It’s often tied to what, and how, you eat.

For example, the Arrae Bloat is a mixture of five herbs and a fruit-based digestive enzyme which create synergistic actions that work together to eliminate bloat. It contains ingredients like ginger root (for digestion stimulation), lemon balm (for gas prevention), and slippery elm (for digestive organ protection). So if you’re worried about the “side effects,” so to speak, about eating a slice of deep-dish pizza when you’re checking out Chicago, don’t be. Haider adds that Bloat also helps with the “airplane belly” that so many people experience.

There are also other products, like Arrae Calm, which is a blend of four potent herbs, minerals, and vitamins — that’s it: L-theanine (for anxiety), inositol (for reducing pain), passionflower (for relaxation), and magnesium bisglycinate (for calm). It aims to help relax the body and mind, lower cortisol (the stress hormone), and prevent digestive-induced anxiety. And even though it’s calming, don’t worry, it won’t make you sleepy, so you’ll still have plenty of energy for sightseeing. Haider says that, additionally, Calm eases the stress of flying (without making you groggy).

And the Bloat Latte contains packets full of ingredients like ginger root, dandelion root, peppermint, and turmeric, so you can sip your way to better digestive health. You just add a packet to water or non-dairy milk (to stick with the vegan theme of the product) and you can sweeten it with agave or honey. Ahead, some of Arrae’s top offerings, including Bieber’s faves.

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