Hailey Bieber’s New Tattoo Is A Touching Tribute To Her ‘Favorite City’

Hint: It’s where she and Justin tied the knot ~the first time.~

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Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) is not-so-quietly becoming one of the most tattooed supermodels out there. The 25-year-old has at least 20 designs, all of which are teeny-tiny — a testament to her love of minimalist ink. From Roman numerals and Bible verse numbers to barely visible symbols, the Hailey Bieber undoubtedly has a diverse range of tattoos.

The Arizona native's seemingly newest ink? A design dedicated to the Big Apple, brought to life by celebrity tattoo artist Doctor Woo. (The expert is no stranger to tatting the model and husband Justin Bieber, among countless other celebrity clients.) Hailey’s NYC tattoo lives on her neck below the small diamond tattoo underneath her right ear, and it reads "New York" in delicate, lowercase script. Even though the fashion maven lives in California with Justin, there's no doubt that the East Coast city also holds a special place in her heart. It's where she and her now-husband tied the knot in September 2018 and where she's dubbed her "favorite city," per a 2015 Instagram post.

“Lil NY 🍎 love ✍🏼 on Hailey awhile back,” Dr. Woo captioned the photo of the model’s slim-needle design. At the time of writing, the pic's garnered nearly 20,000 likes and counting.

This isn't the first time Hailey’s gotten a tattoo inspired by a special destination. In 2015, she visited celeb inker Jonathan Valena (AKA @JonBoy on Instagram) to get "Minas Gerais" permanently etched onto her ankle in a lowercase font reminiscent of her new tat. The model's yet to reveal ~exactly~ why she got the design, but what fans know for sure is that it's the name of a state in southeastern Brazil.

While those are the model’s only two known location-inspired tattoos, she has several others in lovely lowercase cursive. For example, she has “Bieber” inked on the middle finger of her right hand, which she got with her cousin, Ireland. Likewise, she has “gente” tattooed on her left hip, which means “people” in Portuguese.

One of her newer script tattoos is of the word “lover,” which, like her “New York” design, lives on her neck. It’s another one of Dr. Woo’s creations, and is likely inspired by Justin, despite fan theories that there was a connection to Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album.

Hailey shows no signs of slowing down her tattoo game anytime soon. Thank god, because she’s a walking source of minimalist tattoo inspiration perfect for ink aficionados and novices alike.

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