Hailey Baldwin’s Airport Style Is All About Comfort (& It’s So Easy To Recreate)

Adrian Edwards/GC Images
Hailey Baldwin on the airport with a sleek bun hairstyle and puffer brown jacket.

The only thing more difficult than packing for a weekend away is nailing down the perfect travel outfit. Hailey Baldwin's airport style strikes the ultimate balance between comfort and trendiness, and her latest look is one you'll want to try for your next long trip. Known for her love of menswear-inspired athletic clothes, the model has a firm grasp on keeping things simultaneously casual and fashion-forward — and it's surprisingly easy to follow her lead.

Baldwin was photographed while walking through JFK airport in New York City on Mon. wearing an ode to cozy neutrals. She sported a pair of tan joggers and a matching hoodie that she layered underneath a warm brown puffer from Off-White's latest Fall 2019 collection. The bulky coat, which is actually a menswear piece, features a floppy collar, a circular zipper detail, and a prominent logo on one side of the chest.

The 22-year-old stuck to a similar color palette when it came to her accessory choices, opting for beige, leather sneakers by Acne Studios with a subtle platform sole and velcro closures. She toted a Louis Vuitton roller bag, covered her eyes with wayfarer-style shades by Garret Leight, and tied her golden hair into a top knot. Although fans are used to seeing the newlywed in her signature pair of thick hoops, Baldwin chose not to wear any statement jewelry for her day of travel.

Adrian Edwards/GC Images

As Baldwin so effortlessly demonstrated, dressing comfortably doesn't have to equate to a messy outfit. In fact, all it takes is a neutral color selection to make sweats and a puffer look all the more polished.

While you may not be traveling to and from fashion month events, who's to say you can't look like it? Start with a basic pair of beige joggers, add your puffiest coat, laceless sneakers, and a sleek bun to emulate Baldwin's latest look. Ahead, shop The Zoe Report's picks for Baldwin-inspired pieces that will make your next travel day equal parts cozy and fashionable.

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