The Secrets To The Hadid Sisters’ Perfect Hair

The fascination surrounding the Hadid sisters is warranted on a number of levels, and one of many things we’re transfixed by is how their hair seems to look perfect 24/7 (we suspect superpowers are involved). Whether glammed up for an event or photographed off-duty by the paparazzi, Bella and Gigi rock two different colors and styles but have equally enviable locks, all the time. We tapped their colorist, Keith Shore, to reveal his process, plus some pro tips to help you snag their style for yourself.

The Secrets To The Hadid Sisters' Perfect Hair

Bella and Gigi Hadid at Coachella. Photo: @bellahadid

How Keith Achieves Gigi's Sun-Kissed Color

"I always like to paint her highlights on, as this technique allows the growth process to look more natural. I focus the painting more heavily around her face and the ends to achieve a more sun-kissed look. I leave her roots alone because her natural color is a pretty dark blonde."

Photo: @gigihadid

How To Get Gigi's Signature Beachy Waves

"The best way to get beach waves like Gigi is to use a 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron wand. Wrap 1 inch sections of hair around the iron, holding it upside down. Always make sure you are wrapping the hair away from the face. To finish the look, turn your head upside down and spray a product like Sally Hershberger's 24k Dry Shampoo to give the hair the desired beachy texture."

Photo: @gigihadid

How To Maintain Gigi's Golden Blonde Color

"If your hair tends to turn brassy, use a purple shampoo (like Shimmer Lights) once a week which will help control the warmth. As for swimming in the pool, always get your hair wet with non-chlorinated water first. Think of the hair as a sponge—when it's dry, it will absorb whatever you put into it first. I recommend using Sally Hershberger's Keratin Rx to detangle hair after a day out and about to keep it looking fresh."

Photo: Getty Images

How To Get (And Maintain) Bella's Rich Color

"With Bella we use a semi-permanent color that we process for 30 minutes to really lock in the shine. If you want to keep a brunette shade rich, you have to keep it out of the sun. If you can't avoid it, put your hair up and/or use a UV spray—Garnier Fructis makes a great one."

Photo: @bellahadid

Bella's Sleek Secret Weapon

"We use a product by Paul Mitchell which I love because it really brings out her shine!"

Photo: @bellahadid

What To Ask For At The Salon

For Gigi's buttery, sun-kissed blonde: "When speaking to your colorist, always bring a picture so you both remain on the same page. With Gigi's look, less is more. Mimic what the sun would do to the hair naturally: keep it bright around the face and light at the bottom."

For Bella's deep, neutral brown: "To achieve Bella's color I would recommend asking for a neutral, rich brown—that way it won't be too ashy or too warm. Neutral puts it somewhere in the middle which is where we usually stay. Again, a photo helps too—almost all colorists can agree it takes the guess work out for us! "

Photo: Getty Images