Gigi Hadid Makes Her Acting Debut

You read that right—Gigi Hadid took one from the Cara Delevingne playbook and busted out her acting chops in a new short film for V magazine entitled Those Wrecked By Success. The premise follows Hadid through a hauntingly morose morning after winning an Oscar, as the starlet goes about such mundane activities as fixing a cup of tea with glazed-over eyes (a stark contrast from the joie de vivre you’d expect in the wake of an Academy Award victory), ignoring incessant and presumably congratulatory phone calls all the while. The 7-minute piece paints a picture of the dark, lonely side of silver-screen fame which leaves us to wonder: does this mean Gigi will take up acting, or is her participation a subtle indication that she’d swear against it (to avoid becoming the ghost of a character she portrays)? In any case, we can only imagine what she’d wear if she were actually nominated. (Another plunging Tom Ford or high-wattage Michael Kors number, perhaps?) Only time will tell.