Gigi Goes For A Beauty Dare—And It Works

If there’s one makeup mantra you’ve heard a thousand times, it’s likely to go for a statement lip or eye, not both. Leave it to Gigi Hadid to shatter this notion, who flawlessly executes the oft-taboo twosome. But before you go wild with your products, note a few key tricks to pulling off a bold lip and cat eye à la Gigi. Think of your eyeliner as a means to subtly boost the effect of your mascara, applying it as closely to the lash line as possible and flicking out slightly at the corners—this allows the punchy, orangey-red lip to remain the focal point of the look while still playing up the eye. Bump up a summer glow with a touch of rosy eye shadow up to the brow bone and bronzer and highlighter at the cheekbones and décolleté. Keep the hair natural and soft with a ponytail, leaving sections loose to create face-framing dimension and voilà—you’re one step closer to becoming a Hadid.

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