The Coolest Father’s Day Gifts, According To Tastemakers

While we pride ourselves on our good taste and serious shopping skills, there’s no denying that when it comes to gifts for dad, the editors of The Zoe Report approach the subject from a fashion girl’s point of view (think: luxury camping trips and python backpacks). For another—perhaps more masculine—perspective, we turned to some of the most stylish and accomplished men in fashion for their take on the perfect Father’s Day gifts. While the typical dad categories (i.e. socks, headphones and shaving gear) made the cut here, these selects are far from run-of-the-mill.

Meet The Guys

Luxe Cologne

"This masculine fragrance has top notes of neroli flower and mandarin leaves intermingling with black amber and white cedarwood. And look, it’s practically got your dad’s name on it."

Retro Headphones

"Master & Dynamic’s leather and metal headphones satisfy the audiophile and the aesthete. Described as ‘modern thinking caps,’ they’re a sound investment for a dad who loves music–or just appreciates some time to himself."

Simplified Wallet

"A bulky wallet can interrupt a man’s svelte silhouette. Your dad really doesn’t need to carry around all those cards, coins and old receipts. This pared-back, tan leather cardholder with a money clip is perfect for an evening out."

Portable Speakers

"Even dads need their jams. The UE Roll is a great portable wireless speaker: It’s waterproof, lasts forever (well, nine hours) and rocks hard. Almost as hard as Neil Young, as dad endlessly reminds you."

Sleek Pocketknife

"Do most guys need a knife? No. But dads get their dad-power from being ready to MacGuyver any situation at a moment’s notice, which means he’ll love carrying one. Especially this one, which is lightweight, sturdy and looks better with a few scars on its wooden handle."

Vintage Watch

"Yeah it’s a splurge gift, but it’s a worthy splurge gift. A Rolex Datejust is the male version of diamond stud earrings—perfect in its simplicity and wearable with damn near everything. Vintage models from the ’60s and ’70s look just like the new ones but cost half the price and come with lived-in history. Add an inscription and dad gets a wrist-worn reminder of why you were always his favorite."

Modern Artwork

"This limited-edition Visionaire portfolio—crafted in collaboration with Tom Ford when he was Creative Director at Gucci—includes transparencies from big artists and a built-in light with which to view them. It's a nice addition to dad's collection of cool art books and artifacts."

Leather Briefcase

"This handsome office briefcase never goes out of style and is very functional. It'd look good on any father."

Pro Blender

"Dad should get on the healthy-eating train! Help him out with this powerful juicer—almost as fun as a riding lawnmower."

Quirky Socks

"Hook and Albert is the ultimate men’s-accessory destination. It's the site I rely on whenever I want to give a traditional suit a fun and modern update."

Shaving Set

"I love Harry’s because they’ve really elevated the shaving game. Their foaming shave gel has been a lifesaver and has helped make the often daunting and uncomfortable daily shave into something I look forward to."

Weekend Getaway Set

"If you are looking to treat the man in your life to daily essentials with an emphasis on form and fit, check out Mack Weldon. I love this brand because they're redefining the new classic fit and form of men’s essentials."

Playing Cards

“Anything inside the luxury French label’s iconic orange box is bound to be good, and two decks of illustrated playing cards are just that—and they're unexpected (the hallmark of a worthwhile gift). Consider poker night officially upgraded.”

Polished Carryall

“A slimmed-down briefcase made for the modern business world, by the brand that’s mastered the art of man bags. This one holds just the necessities—stylishly, of course—and the unique color makes it hard to misplace.”

Handcrafted Bottle Opener

“A cool artisanal spin on every guy’s kitchen (or man-cave) must-have, by a company known for handcrafting the hardest working boots out there.”

Coffee-Table Read

"Inspire dad's sense of style with this witty book that will keep him out of the doghouse."

Leather Phone Case

"Communicate with dad in style thanks to a chic ostrich-skin phone case."

Jewelry Holder

"Help dad organize his precious items in the perfect jewelry box."

Casual Wristwatch

"It’s clean, utilitarian, military inspired and exclusively ours at J.Crew!"

Color-block Sneakers

"Our newest sneaker collaboration inspired by the neighborhood ballparks of NYC. Because you always need a new colorway!"

Denim Button Down

"Its a design classic and never goes out of style. Everyone looks good in a denim button down, and it gets better when it ages."

Cocktail Glasses

"I have always loved Tom Dixon's furniture and lighting, and now that he's expanded into home accessories the price point allows for anyone to buy into his design aesthetic. These tumblers have a great cooper detail at the base and would look great in a den or cocktail tray."

Leather Headphones

"Since its start a few years ago, Master and Dynamic has made waves in the market with their beautifully made headphones that also pack some serious sound. The navy is the newest color of their flagship MH40 style, and we're excited to be one of the first retailers to offer them!"

Classic Board Game

"Don't get me wrong, I love my Dots iPhone game, but sometimes it's nice to have some human interaction. My favorite part of this deluxe Monopoly set is that when you flip it over you can also play a round of Checkers, Chess or a game of Poker with the included playing cards."

Monthly Subscription

"A Birchbox Man subscription is the easiest way to get dad to upgrade his grooming game. He'll receive a monthly box with high-end products, plus an awesome lifestyle item, like earbuds, boxers or a cocktail kit. I love this special Everyday Hero edition we curated for Father's Day."

Shaving Kit

"I'm a big fan of Blind Barber, and this set has everything you need to take dad's shave to the next level. I love the retro vibe of the tin container too."

Travel Roll

"I travel a lot, and this is a stylish way to neatly stow all of your essentials. It's made of genuine leather and was designed to resemble a carpenter's tool roll."