The Cutest Celebrity Couples Of All Time

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other, friend, pet or bottle of wine, we hope you’re feeling the love today. In the spirit of celebrating romance, we’re reflecting on our all-time favorite couples (which, admittedly, is nearly impossible to narrow down). From Jane and Serge defining fashionable #couplegoals in the ’70s to the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, Beyonce and Jay-Z, here are our top 10 lovey-dovey duos past and present.

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Kate Moss & Johnny Depp

Does it get more gorgeous than Kate and Johnny? Their (coordinated) disheveled locks and grunge moto jackets say it all: they were the It couple of the '90s.

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Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

The French artists are famous for their work individually (Jane, an actress and musician and Serge, a singer-songwriter) but even more iconic as a duo. Their captivating love affair is immortalized in fashionable photos (such as this one at Cannes in 1974), and will forever remain a storied romance.

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Barack & Michelle Obama

POTUS and his First Lady are at once elegant in presence and playful in demeanor—their charisma is undeniable (and a joy to ogle in photos).

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Bianca & Mick Jagger

A perennial source of inspiration for Team Zoe, we can't get enough of the '70s glamour of Bianca and Mick. Both style icons in their own right, their bohemian, rocker-chic sensibilities continue to imbue our couples dressing aspirations.

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David Bowie & Iman

The late David Bowie and his beautiful wife Iman married in 1992—throughout the decades, their unwavering dedication to one another transcended show-biz odds.

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Amal & George Clooney

Any woman who can lock down George has got to be simply spectacular; enter the otherworldly Amal. She's not only gorgeous, but whip-smart with an illustrious law career—they're a match made in perfect-people heaven.


Beyoncé & Jay-Z

These two are arguably the most powerful players in the music scene—from world tours to surprise music videos, Bey and Jay continue to stand by each others' side in serving up round after round of mic-drop moments.

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John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Purveyors of all things peace and love, The Beatles' John and his wife Yoko embodied the spirit of an activist generation.

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Princess Diana & Prince Charles

A royal couple for the ages—the ever-poised Charles and Diana of Wales set a prime example for the Duke and Duchess (who are paving their own way to iconic couple status).

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Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Pitt

Talk about blonde ambition—Gwyneth and Brad's '90s romance was an epic Tinseltown match-up. The preternaturally good-looking couple split in '97—Gwyneth later cited one reason being that he was "too good for her."