You Won’t Believe Which Household Item Kendall Jenner Spent $52,000 On

Whenever we want to feel super great about our lives, we click on something with “Kardashian” or “Jenner” in the headline and BAM!—mission accomplished. Today’s Kendall Jenner news proved to be no exception to this rule, as word hit the horn that she’s furnishing her Hollywood mansion with a $52,000 sofa and we thought to ourselves, “same!” It’s so crazy how the lives we’re leading are basically identical to that of the Victoria’s Secret model, including the fact that our couch cost the GDP of a small nation. Oh wait… no… that’s not right. Our couch is from IKEA, and we bought it second-hand off of Craigslist for $52. Right. Well, anyway, see the piece in question—the “Bao Sofa,” which took four people more than a week to hand-make—below, and then we suggest you take out a pen and paper and quickly jot down a list of things you’re thankful for and/or quit the internet. Your call.