Women Of Style: Miranda Kerr

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From all-American cosmetics campaigns and lingerie catalogs (don’t forget she used to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel) to haute couture runways and high fashion print editorials, Miranda Kerr’s modeling career has run the gamut from low to high and back again. Beyond that, her off-duty style is coveted by many and her organic beauty line, Kora Organics, is a cult favorite among beauty snobs. Get to the know the multi-hyphenate in today’s Women of Style Q&A.

Meet Miranda

Her First Job

Miranda, getting her nails done. Photo: @mirandakerr.

"My first job was working on the weekend as a receptionist for a beauty salon while I was in school. I also used to do clients nails, so I mastered the perfect manicure very early on."

Her Role Model

With Mario Testino. Photo: @mirandakerr.

"To be honest, I can’t name just one. There are so many amazing people in my life who support and guide me. I have a close circle of people around me who each offer something individual and unique. I think it’s important to understand different perspectives but to always trust your inner instinct."

The Best Career Advice She's Ever Received

With Pat McGrath. Photo: @mirandakerr.

"To do your best and be grateful—it’s important to acknowledge and thank everyone—each day—for their contribution."

Lessons Learned As A Model

Miranda on the November 2014 cover of Elle Australia. Photo: IMGModels.com.

"You have to have thick skin in the modeling industry. There can be a lot of rejection, so I’ve learned not to take things personally."

Her Favorite Modeling Memory

Getty Images

Balenciaga, Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

"The most memorable runway show I've done was walking for Balenciaga while I was pregnant."

When She Became Interested In Health & Wellness

Photo: @mirandakerr.

"From very early on I had an interest in health and well-being. I studied nutrition straight after leaving school, and most recently I completed a course at New York's School of Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach."

Why She Launched Kora Organics In 2009

Kora Organics Recovery Eye Cream Gel, $59.

"I wanted to create products that fed the skin and at the same time delivered visible results. I had tried everything, but nothing had the quality or integrity I was looking for. I worked with a chemist in Australia and selected key ingredients that nutritionally rejuvenated and replenished skin on a cellular level and that were also certified organic and ethically sourced."

Being certified organic is an arduous process that is never ending. You must meet every guideline—from ingredients sourcing and stability testing to packaging and warehousing.

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Career Highlights

In Korea. Photo: @mirandakerr.

"I’m most proud when I receive testimonials from customers all around the world for whom my products have made a difference in their skin and ultimately their confidence."

Luxurious Rosehip Oil is my SOS beauty booster. It restores the skin's vitality, brightens and protects.

How She'll Grow The Company

Miranda at work. Photo: @mirandakerr.

"We are working on expanding the range with exciting new products and also working on market-specific needs. For me the vision is for Kora Organics to become a household name, globally. I’d love to see more people educated and aware of the benefits of using certified organic skincare and embracing a more natural and holistic approach to life."

How She Gives Back

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For more info, visit kidshelp.com.au. Photo: Getty Images

"I have worked with a number of charities over the years in an unofficial capacity—it's nice to be able to give back privately. I’m the ambassador for Kids Helpline in Australia. They are Australia’s only telephone and online counseling service for young people, and they are committed to being there 24/7 whenever someone needs help, advice or just someone to talk to."

Her 2015 Projects

Miranda holding one of her Royal Albert teacups. Photo: @mirandakerr.

"I’m a creative person so I'm always working on new projects. Right now I’m expanding the Kora Organics range to include new products, designing a new collection of china for Royal Albert, and I just collaborated with a client on an exciting jewelry project that will be released later in the year."

Her #1 Beauty Rule

Photo: @mirandakerr.

"There is no shortcut to great, healthy skin, so use good quality products and cleanse and moisturize day and night. I also recommend that twice a week you take an extra few minutes to exfoliate and apply a mask."

Her Everyday Fashion Staples

Photo: @mirandakerr.

"A well-cut masculine blazer, jeans, a T-shirt, flats and a great handbag. Those are my go-tos."

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Her Exercise Routine

Beach yoga. Photo: @mirandakerr.

"It varies but I try to be active every day because I feel my best when I've exercised. I do a mix of yoga, Pilates, dance and resistance training. I also love to hike, ride my bike and jump on the trampoline with my son, Flynn."

Get Fit In Style

How She Finds Balance

Photo: @mirandakerr.

"I make sure I take time to meditate and exercise every day. It’s the key for me to feel my best. I try to take things one day at a time. I don't plan out my whole week in advance. Whose schedule always goes according to plan anyway?"

Her Current Creative Obsessions

Photo: @mirandakerr.

"I’m listening to Annie Lennox and currently reading A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson."

What Most People Don't Know About Miranda

Photo: @mirandakerr.

"I love to play piano; I’m a great cook, and I love my sleep!"