Women of Style: Josie Maran

Angela Weiss

From her iconic Maybelline ads to her cult-favorite cosmetics line (two words: argan oil), Josie Maran has star power and good taste in spades. Not only that, she’s also a loving mother and dedicated philanthropist, giving back to numerous charities through Josie Maran Cosmetics and elsewhere. Today the ultra-chic Woman of Style talks natural beauty, airport style and taking chances in your career.

Meet Josie Maran

Her First Job Or Internship

Josie and her brother. Photo via @josiemarancosmetics on Instagram.

"I had lemonade stands since I was 5, I started modeling when I was 12, and I worked at my local farmer’s market when I was a teenager."

The Best Career Advice She's Ever Received

Josie, getting ready for a segment on QVC. Photo via @josiemarancosmetics on Instagram.

"“You can’t do that.” When people told me it was impossible to have high performing beauty products that were also good for you and that would change the world, it ignited a fire inside me. I’m a great believer in making your own your dreams come true, which is why I created my own beauty line."

My mom is my role model. She’s always been there for me, helping me maintain balance and peace of mind. She has always celebrated me and allowed me to be fully myself. I love her very much for this.

A Favorite Memory From Her Modeling Career

Photo via a Josie Maran fan site.

"I prayed every night that I would some day become the Maybelline girl so the day I got the call to become the face of Maybelline was one of the most life-changing days ever because that is when I realized that I had the power to make my dreams come true."

On Health and Wellness

Josie Maran Cosmetics Coconut Water Cheek Gelee, ($22 each). Photo via Sephora.

"Growing up with health-conscious parents, I was aware of what my body needed from a young age. Throughout my modeling career I asked the makeup artists I worked with for eco-friendly products, and the answers never satisfied me. When I got pregnant with my first daughter I was more determined than ever to develop a cosmetics line that was healthy for the planet and its people."

The moment I saw my 100% Pure Argan Oil Light featured in 'The Wall Street Journal' is one I’ll never forget.

On Growing The Brand

Josie, engaging with fans as part of a 100% Pure Argan Oil giveaway. Photo via @josiemarancosmetics on Instagram.

"The more time I spend on this earth the more I realize that one of the greatest joys in life is giving back. That mission always been at the core of Josie Maran Cosmetics, but I plan on making that even more of a focus moving forward. I believe that like-minded souls will appreciate this and gravitate toward the brand."

How She Gives Back

10% of sales from Josie Maran’s Model Citizen collection will be donated to the ISF Animal Sanctuary—a project dedicated to rehabilitating mistreated animals. Photo: Courtesy

"Model Citizen is an annual collaboration that’s dear to my heart. Working with wonderful people like Ian Somerhalder, who are so passionate and use their celebrity to bring about real change in this world, doesn’t feel like work at all. I choose organizations to partner with by understanding what I’m passionate about and where I hold the most leverage for change. I have a deep passion for women and I’ll be launching a new campaign in 2014 around women’s empowerment that I’m so very excited about!"

What Every Woman Needs In Her Medicine Cabinet

Josie Maran 10% Pure Argan Oil, $48

"My 100% Argan Oil works for so many different needs, (split ends, moisturizer, and cuticle care) that even the busiest woman can put on a few drops and run out the door."

New Products To Look Out For

Josie Maran Matchmaker Powder Foundation, $34

"My new Matchmaker Blush is launching at QVC in February and I’m really excited about it. It’s the latest in my line of Matchmaker products, all of which feature these amazing chameleon pigments that adjust to your skin tone."

Natural Beauty Challenges

Photo via @josiemarancosmetics on Instagram.

"Finding suppliers who share the same values as I do has been challenging, but it’s getting easier as more and more people demand that their beauty products contain ingredients that are non-toxic and good for them."

Knowledge is power. Make sure you know what you’re putting on your body, because you’re also putting it into your body.

Her Fashion Staples

Levi's Beau Boyfriend Jeans, $198

"I’m always running around, so I need to be both comfy and chic. I love vintage Levi’s and soft cotton t-shirts. I’ve been spending the winter in Pennsylvania, where it gets freezing cold, so I’m cozying up in fuzzy sweaters by the fire."

Lessons She's Teaching Her Daughters

Josie and her little girls. Photo via @josiemarancosmetics on Instagram.

"Beauty comes from within. Makeup should be fun and playful. And that you are the beauty that you see in others."

Her New Year's Eve Plans

Charlie by Matthew Zink Bikini, $290

"I’ll be in Mexico with my family! I hope I’ll be in a bikini and a sarong."

Her Travel Must-Haves

Newbark Nadya Flats, $315

"Newbark shoes, because they fold up in my purse and are easy to take on and off when I go through security. Cucumbers to munch on--they keep me hydrated. A good book. And a journal. Not sure why, but my best thoughts come while I'm in the air."

My system for finding balance in my life is meditating on what I’m grateful for each day. Gratitude feeds my soul and allows me to see all the wonderful things that are in my life, as well as all the things I want to create in my life,which brings me back to my balanced center.

3 Things We Don't Know About Her

Josie in vintage Chanel. Photo via @josiemarancosmetics on Instagram.

1.) "I don’t always wear makeup, but I never go without my 100% Pure Argan Oil.", 2.) "I’m just as likely to wear vintage Chanel as I am to rock a no name thrift store find.", 3.) "When I’m in town I never miss a Friday afternoon game of beer pong with my Hollywood office family."