We Have Some Very Specific Details On The Birth Of Beyoncé’s Twins

Despite knowing their names and having seen their faces in the glorious portrait that’s officially gone viral, we’re still eager for details about our new American royal heirs, Beyoncé’s twins, Rumi and Sir Carter. So you can imagine the excitement that ensued when we got even more insider info. According to their birth certificates, the tiny duo were born at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and arrived at 5:13am on Tuesday, June 13—fittingly, making them Geminis. (Keep in mind the announcement didn’t break until four days later.) Fun fact: Rumi arrived before Sir, and both were delivered by celeb-favorite Paul Crane, MD, who also delivered Kim Kardashian’s kids.

We’re keeping our eyes and ears peeled for the next reveal, which we imagine will include where the twins will be attending college.