Vanessa Hudgens’s Powerful Performance In Grease: Live

Grease is the word this morning after last night’s buzzy performance of Grease: Live on Fox. While Julianne Hough’s portrayal of Sandra Dee was just darling, it was Vanessa Hudgens poignant take on Betty Rizzo’s “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” that really captured our attention. An emotional song on its own, the High School Musical alum’s sensitive rendition hit incredibly close to home after announcing on Twitter that her father had passed away from stage 4 cancer one day before the live performance. While it’s hard to imagine putting on a brave face under the pressure of a highly publicized show, adding personal tragedy to the mix makes it all the more impressive that the modern day Rizz gave it the gusto that viewers, Grease fans and her family are undoubtedly proud of. Delivering energetic (and spot-on!) dance moves and sassy energy throughout, Hudgen’s empowering performance not only proves a profound dedication to her craft but an electrifying show-must-go-on attitude that we can all admire.

Watch Vanessa’s stunning solo performance below.
Grease: Live was dedicated to Greg Hudgens.