The Bachelor Finale Recap: The Final Rose

As tonight marked the finale of our guiltiest pleasure, the question now remains: What will we do with our future Monday nights? Ben gave out his very last rose on The Bachelor, and we’d just like to say we called this one from the beginning. Here, our favorite moments from the show. (Warning: spoiler alerts ahead!)

Mom Throws Shade

Usually it's the moms that are easiest to win over, but Mrs. Higgins was a certified toughie at the meet-the-parents date—on Lauren especially. How did mom react when Lauren expressed she was ready to take on the good and the bad times in life with her son? An "are you?" laden with so much doubt it made us cower on our couches. Intimidation tactic, successful.

When Ben Did The Honorable Thing

Following a tearful goodbye with Jojo that was frankly hard to watch, Ben restored our faith in his all-American, good boy persona: He called Lauren's dad to receive his blessing before proposing. Redemption! Now that the season is over, we think it's safe to say Ben was one of the most gentlemanly Bachelors in the show's history.

A Genuine Proposal

Fun fact: We actually found ourselves grinning from ear-to-ear watching Ben propose to Lauren. Why yes, we'll take a little wine with our cheese! There's something about these two that's so sweet to witness, and as it all culminated in a diamond ring (as we'd hoped and predicted), we kind of felt like we were a part of the moment. (Yes, we got in deep this season.)