Taylor Swift Reportedly Has A New Boyfriend—And He’s A British Actor

Nearly a year after those sensational Hiddleswift images overtook the internet, new Taylor Swift dating rumors are bubbling up. Note: The pop superstar has remained largely out of the spotlight since February, so we’re taking this news with a grain of salt. But it looks like T-Swizzle herself has moved on from one British actor to another, as recent reports (albeit unconfirmed) say she’s been dating Joe Alwyn for a few months now. (He got his break in last year’s war drama Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk alongside movie veterans Kristen Stewart and Steve Martin.) While Joe has yet to become a household name, you can bet his association to the narrative songwriter will garner him quite a bit of media attention. In the meantime, we’re waiting to hear if this story is true and, if so, Taylor’s resulting Grammy-winning album.