Why You Shouldn’t Be Sad About The Taylor Swift–Calvin Harris Breakup

by The Zoe Report

This week was a doozy in the land of celebrity breakups—Zigi (that’s Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, of course) went their separate ways, as did Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. While the sudden split between T.Swift and her beau might’ve been particularly surprising (remember those lovey-dovey vacation photos and her gushy speech at the iHeart Radio Awards?), we really shouldn’t be bummed. Why? Breakups, especially in Hollywood, are to be expected, and this particular one ended with nothing but mutual respect. Calvin took to Twitter with a succinct and polite statement to quiet the rumormongers (see below). Taylor echoed the sentiment by retweeting his message, proving it’s all good between these two (at least, as good as it can be fresh off a very public separation). Furthermore, as fans, we’re confident we can expect some great music in the wake of this. Live and let live, and let’s not be sad—after all, summer is the best time to be single.