The Surprising Instagram Tactic Selena Gomez Swears By

Despite being the most followed person on Instagram, Selena Gomez has an up-and-down relationship with the social media platform. Her photos may elicit millions of likes and comments within seconds of posting, but the Revival Tour superstar revealed that she has to take breaks to stay sane and avoid the barrage of negativity that the Internet can bring.

While her megastardom makes her an easy target, she rallies on behalf of people everywhere who encounter online cruelty, taking a strong stance against cyber-bullying. Admitting that she occasionally gets defensive and talks back when the haters get personal, Selena says that overall she refuses to let the negativity get to her and manages to tune out most of the noise. “A huge part of why I don’t respond is because I don’t want them to win,” she says. “That’s the biggest thing that disgusts me—when people who have bullied someone so much to the point it’s dangerous get their way.”

While truly impressive and strong-willed, the 23-year-old is only human, admitting an interesting tactic for moments when she needs a social fix: “I’ll log in from my assistant’s phone and just post a picture because I love being connected. It’s not perfect and it does get to me sometimes—I just have to put it away for a few days.”