Stone Cold Fox Designers Share Their Beauty Rules

If you’re partial to stalking cult-followed fashion brands on Instagram or like to fill your closet with romantic, bohemian-inspired separates, chances are you’ve definitely heard of (and probably own several items of clothing from) Stone Cold Fox. It makes sense that the ultra-cool brand would be the brainchild of two equally rad California girls, Dallas Wand and Cydney Morris. Living the quintessence of a beach-chic lifestyle, Dallas and Cydney shared their top tips on how to stay effortlessly gorgeous like a true SoCal girl—take notes, ladies.

Stone Cold Fox Designers Share Their Beauty Rules

Dallas Wand and Cydney Morris of Stone Cold Fox. Photo: Courtesy

Rule #1: Get Serious About Skincare

"I visit Christy Kidd for products and peels and Kat Rudu for facials. Those two women keep my skin glowing. Their motto is less is more—I don’t pile a lot of products on, just sunscreen that doesn’t make you break out and taking everything off with a good face wash." — Cydney

Cydney shows off her flawless skin. Photo: @viciously_cyd

Rule #2: Break A Sweat

"Dallas and I are obsessed with visiting the infrared sauna at The Springs in downtown LA or at Gentle Wellness Center. An hour in there, a ton of water and I feel like a whole new woman." — Cydney

The sauna at The Springs. Photo: @thespringsla

Rule #3: Know When To Hit The Drugstore

"Don’t splurge on fancy mascaras or whitening trays—use drugstore products instead. My favorite mascara is Maybelline Great Lash Lots Of Lashes, and for white teeth, I love Crest 3D Whitening Toothpaste." — Dallas

Rule #4: Find A Game-Changing Colorist

"We are obsessed with Anja at Ramirez Tran salon. When your hair color looks good, you feel so much better about the way you look all-around. Hair is usualy a girl's security blanket so we don’t skimp out on ours. Anja does the most perfect beachy blonde hair!" — Dallas and Cydney

Dallas and Cydney showing off their blonde locks. Photo: Courtesy

Rule #5: Buy In Bulk

"My grandma taught me that if you love something buy two of it, so I do that a lot." — Cydney

Cydney and Dallas prefer (and stock up on) Sugar lip balm by Fresh.

Rule #6: Harness The Power Of Salt Water

"Swimming in the ocean is good for your skin, hair and soul." — Dallas

Cydney and Dallas frolicking in the water. Photo: @dallasdlyn

Rule #7: Keep Your Gams Gorgeous

"Keri lotion is our favorite—it makes your legs look so amazing!" — Cydney and Dallas

Rule #8: Clear Eyes = Can't Lose

"I'm obsessed with Rohto eye drops—I freak out if I don’t have them on me. I put them in before I do my makeup, so my eyes are really white and pop. They are the best but the first time you use them, you think you went blind!" — Dallas

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