Shay Mitchell’s Easy Tricks For Getting In Shape Without Hitting The Gym

by The Zoe Report

In preparation for her June Cosmopolitan cover debut, Shay Mitchell did what we all likely would in the face of being bikini-clad for the world to see: She whipped herself into (better) shape. But, according to the starlet, she didn’t resort to any crazy crash diets or unhealthy restrictions (bravo!)—instead she made reasonable, sustainable tweaks to her lifestyle in the weeks leading up to her shoot. The four main rules she followed were: drinking a lot more water (instead of opting for third helpings of food), no eating after 8 p.m., avoiding candy and working out in her own home with simple-yet-effective exercises. Sounds pretty doable, no? Head over to Cosmopolitan for more details on her slim-down strategy.

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