Why Selena Gomez Might Delete Her Instagram

Selena is fed up with social media and more of today’s news.

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Why Selena Wants To Delete Instagram

Her relationship with Justin Bieber may have ended eons ago, but fans still like to talk—and speculate—whenever Selena Gomez posts anything that could remotely allude to her love life. Having had enough, she's firing back against false allegations in comments on social media, stating in one: "I want to delete my Instagram. There's no drama. Everyone else creates drama." Here's to hoping the haters squash their rumormongering before she removes herself from the platform altogether. [ Teen Vogue ]

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Rachel Zoe's Latest Covet Fashion Challenge

If you haven't downloaded Covet Fashion yet, you need to—Rachel Zoe just launched her latest challenge on the way fun app for the clothing-obsessed. This round, the task is to style a look for an up-and-coming star attending an awards show afterparty—aka the perfect way to gear up for Oscars weekend. Download the app here.


This Child Star Can Seriously Sing

Remember Curly Sue? Former child star Alisan Porter—who starred in the '91 flick—is grown up and has some serious pipes. Now 34, she blindly auditioned for The Voice and wowed all four judges with her rendition of "Blue Bayou." Check out her impressive performance here. [ Entertainment Weekly ]