Sarah Jessica Parker Responds To A Hater In The Classiest Way

Sarah Jessica Parker, who is no stranger to taking flack for her courageous style, had the internet abuzz after wearing a Monse capri suit to Monday’s Met Gala. Her status as a beloved fashion icon didn’t protect her from the online bullying that ensued after her turn on the red carpet, but rather than stick her head in the sand, SJP decided to stick up for her choices. When she saw that a blogger named Ivy Marshall had posted a picture of her outfit—along with those of DVF and Madonna—alongside the caption “The 2016 Met Gala Theme was “Manus X Machina; Fashion in the age of technology and this trio didnt get the memo @sarahjessicaparker@dvf @madonna”, SJP took it upon herself to personally respond to the not-so-nice comment with a comment of her own:

“Got the memo. Always welcome thoughts but I’m a stickler for the theme and pay close attention to what it means. Every year with great consideration, research and conviction. The understanding of man and machine, how they intersect, when and why is what we considered. Perhaps you weren’t aware of the technology used in the details and embellishments of the design. Or perhaps you simply didn’t like what I wore which is completely fine but you can’t accuse me of not paying close attention and adhering to the theme. With respect and warmest regards, sj.”

SJP told T Magazine that she hadn’t wanted to take the theme too literally and “simply apply lights and actual, physical technology.” Instead, she and her team “wanted it to be about the technology of thought, of application, of fabrication.”

Another woman targeted by the blogger—and bloggers everywhere, for that matter—in the aftermath of the event was Madonna, who responded in a slightly more Madonna-esque way than had SJP. See her NSFW Instagram comeback here.