The Surprising Thing Sarah Jessica Parker Thinks About Carrie Bradshaw

For six seasons (and two movies), Carrie Bradshaw led us to believe in true love. But according to Sarah Jessica Parker, her beloved Sex and the City character actually has an unrealistic take on romance. (Big shocker there.) For CBS Sunday Morning, the actress sat down with Jane Pauley, who remarked that Carrie was “so romantic” and “it had to be love, love, love, love all the time.” SJP interrupted to note that it was “childish, in a way.”

Still, she couldn’t help but admit that playing the fictional fashion icon was “a privilege.” “I feel we are a fairly intimate group, this gang of 10 million that watch the show,” she said. “So I feel it behooves me to be responsible to [them], and for every single thing I do.” With talks of a third SATC movie in play, we’ll take it.