Rockstar Style: What Superhumanoids’ Sarah Chernoff Can’t Live Without

Forever intrigued by the sweet spot where fashion and music meet, we were psyched to have dream-pop trio Superhumanoids take part in our recent Summer Happy Hour Series, sponsored by VEEV. The LA-based band previewed their new album “Do You Feel Ok?” on the rooftop of our offices, and after we seized the chance to chat with singer Sarah Chernoff about all of her favorite things. Below, the badass babe spills the details on her style staples, beauty secrets and more. Take notes and you’ll be channeling your inner-rockstar in no time.

Sarah's Staples

High Rise Jeans

J Brand Maria Flares, $230

"Nothing like a great pair of jeans to make you feel good. J Brand makes the most comfortable, form-fitting jeans that I've encountered. I feel like a boss when I'm wearing them."

Leopard Mules

Rachel Comey Dahl Mules, $498

"I had my eyes on these shoes for a long time. I kept on going back to the store near my house to look at them, and then one day I finally pulled the trigger and bought them. They bring me great joy."

Statement Watch

Larsson & Jennings, $360

"Purchasing a watch is a fairly important right of passage into adulthood. These Larsson & Jennings watches are beautiful and elegant. Their design is straightforward and fresh. I could not recommend them more."

Purple Mascara

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara, $30

"If you have brown eyes, you should have purple mascara. If you are going to purchase purple mascara, Guerlain is the one."

Still from "Anxious In Venice" video. Photo: @Superhumanoids

Effortless Separates


"LACAUSA just opened a storefront right near my house. I am really into their clothing. They’re design is comfortable, sexy and affordable."

Signature Clutch

Coca-Cola Can Purse, $24

"One of my closest friends got married this year. For our bridal party gifts, we each got a purse that represented our interests/personalities. I got this Coca-Cola one and I love it so, so much."

Spa Sanctuary

Beba Beauty Spa, Photo @bebabeauty

"This westside spa is my favorite of its kind in Los Angeles. Their spot is beautifully designed with rooms for all sorts of treatments. Natural sunlight seeps into the manicure/pedicure salon, while private rooms line the backend for facials. The highlight, though, is visiting the incredible Liliana Felleti for eyelash extensions. She is a master at making them look natural."


Hot Chip "Why Makes Sense?"

"I’ve been a big fan of Hot Chip’s music for a while. 'The Warning' is one of my favorite albums of my late-teenage memories and it still resonates with me today. Every time I find out they have a new album in the works, I feel like a child on Christmas morning. They never disappoint, and the latest album is no different."

Dapper Dolls


"A dear friend of mine started hand making these incredible dolls. They are soft, adorable and all very unique. If you have kids, I highly suggest these lil guys. They will fill your child's lives with squishy friends that are made with a whole lot of love."

Sarah with her band and video director, Taylor Cohen. Photo: @superhumanoids