Ryan Gosling’s Acceptance Speech Gave Us All The Feels

When accepting the award for his role in La La Land at the Palm Springs Film Festival, Ryan Gosling thoughtfully acknowledged late actress Debbie Reynolds whose musical performances apparently inspired him and the entire cast as the prepared for their roles. As if that wasn’t enough of a tear-jerker, he one upped himself with his Golden Globes acceptance speech this evening by dedicating the award to the late brother of his wife, Eva Mendes. During the filming process, which was highly demanding of Ryan’s time and focus, Eva not only cared for their two young children, but also cared for her brother who was battling cancer. He emotionally acknowledged that if she hadn’t been so strong he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work on the film, saying “If she hadn’t taken all that on so I could have this experience someone else would be up here…Sweetheart, thank you”. Humble, thoughtful and talented? #Goals.

Watch the full speech here.