Rowan Blanchard Opens Up About Coming Out As Queer And The Backlash She Faced

by Mic

From exploring her relationship with white feminism to opening up about her struggle with depression, Girl Meets World actress Rowan Blanchard has never been afraid to share her experiences with her fans. Her decision to open up about her queer identity in January was no exception—but, it turns out, it was also hardly free from consequences. Blanchard faced backlash after coming out, she revealed in a recent Wonderland profile.

While Blanchard may not regret her choice to reveal her pride in her identity, she learned that not everyone felt the same. “I’m OK with it now, but I still realize that I was allowing people to comment on something that’s very personal,” Blanchard told Wonderland . “The first day I tweeted about it, it was definitely scary to see people commenting about things that literally have nothing to do with them,” she added, noting that her public profile has allowed “people to critique me, to take ownership of my body, of my face, of my features.”

Despite this backlash, Blanchard maintains there is power in sharing one’s identity and experiences on social media—especially for young women.

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