Women of Style: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Jamie McCarthy

From her memorable fashion editorials to her sultry, sellout lingerie line for British retailer Marks & Spencer, Rosie Huntington Whiteley is a fashionable force to be reckoned with. Her generous, gracious and kind personality, smokin’ hot movie roles, and pitch-perfect airport style only seals the deal. Get to know the lovely Rosie, an icon in the making, in today’s Women of Style interview.

Early Life & Career

Her Childhood

Rosie as a kid. Photo: @rosiehw.

"I grew up on a farm in Devon, England. We had a little land and lots of animals running around. My brother and sister and I were always outdoors, playing in the fields. My parents always worked and it was their dream to have a little farm where we grew our own vegetables and had animals like sheep, horses, and chickens."

Growing up, I was desperate to travel the world and be independent. I didn’t really appreciate what a lovely childhood I had until I got older. Now, I’m so grateful for it. Devon is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Her First Job

Rosie, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK. Photo: @rosiehw.

"I interned at a modeling agency when I was 15. I wanted to work in fashion, maybe as a designer or stylist, and this was my first foot in the door to the industry. They asked me if I’d ever consider modeling and I thought they were joking. I didn’t believe I’d ever be able to have a career as a model! I decided to give it a go during my school holidays. 'At least I’d get to go on a photo shoot', I thought. Twelve years later I’m still here!"

Her Role Models

Photo: @rosiehw.

"My career has been full of ups and downs, excitement and drama, achievements and disappointments. So many people have helped shape who I am today but my parents have always been there to support me and give me the security to pick myself up and keep trying."

The Best Career Advice She's Ever Received

Photo: @rosiehw.

"Be kind to everyone you meet; it’s a small world. Stay true to yourself and never compromise when it comes to your comfort level. Work to live."

Modeling Career Highlights

Photographer: JP Yim

Rosie, in the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Photo: Getty Images

"Nothing comes close to walking in the Victoria’s Secret show. It’s truly spectacular and so much fun. I walked in the show for 5 years running. Now that I have my own lingerie line I’m not able to take part in the show, but I will always cherish those memories as some of the best in my career."

Career Goals

Rosie, in the Rosie for Autograph spring 2014 campaign. Photo: @rosiehw.

"I have been designing my own lingerie and sleepwear line with Marks and Spencer in the UK for over 3 years now. It is so much fun and so fulfilling. I love being able to do something creative whilst making executive decisions for my own brand. Hopefully the business will continue to succeed and grow. We have many exciting things planned for the future."

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Modeling Challenges

Photo: @rosiehw.

"I love to travel and I love to be busy, however my work always takes me away from home, which can be hard. Being on the road is often lonely and unsettling and I’m always missing someone I love."

How She Gives Back

Photo: @rosiehw.

"In April this year I travelled to Cambodia with UNICEF to make an appeal film. It was truly the most eye opening and humbling experience of my life. It made me realize the importance of giving back. I met some incredible people on my trip. I feel very lucky I get the opportunity to work with such a brilliant organization like UNICEF."

Style & Personal Life

Her Everyday Staples


Rosie from our June 2014 best-dressed list. Photo: Getty Images.

"The more I’m on the road, the more I crave pieces that are versatile and easy to wear. I like well-tailored blazers and jackets from Balmain and Stella Macartney and beautiful blouses from Chloe. I love Saint Laurent for bags, shoes and hats. Denim is a staple in my wardrobe; I like Paige and Frame. I never leave home without a sexy pair of leather pants and a leather jacket. Good t-shirts and shoes and, of course, great lingerie and sleepwear from Rosie For Autograph."

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When She Wants To Feel Glam

Rosie in Gucci at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Photo: @rosiehw.

"I always feel the most glamorous in a long slinky dress. I’m dying to raid Rachel's closet; she has some of the most exquisite long dresses and caftans I ever seen!"

On Her Fall Shopping List

Marcus Tondo

Photo: Style.com.

"I’m looking forward to wearing Chloe's Fall 2014 collection! I loved everything."

Lingerie Styling Advice

A set from Rosie for Autograph. Photo: @rosiehw.

"Having a well-fitted bra is very important. As women, our bodies are constantly changing so it's recommended that we get fitted every time we purchase a new bra. The statistic is that 1 in 3 woman are wearing the wrong size. A correctly-fitted bra can completely change your figure and posture, making you appear slimmer -- there’s no downside to that!"

The Beauty Product She Swears By

iS Clinical Active Serum, $128.

"iS Clinical Active Serum; it has totally changed my skin!"

Her Fashion Industry Crush


Diane Kruger at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Getty Images.

"Diane Kruger gets it right on the red carpet every time!"

Her Fitness Routine

Rosie at Ballet Bodies. Photo: @rosiehw.

"I love pilates! I train with Andie Hecker who runs Ballet Bodies here in LA. I love to workout and train; it makes me so happy. I’m always trying new things, next on my list to try is Body by Simone and I recently decided to take up tennis!"

Her Recipe For Balance

What's in Rosie's suitcase. Photo: @rosiehw.

"When I find the answer to this, I'll let you know! For the most part, I think you you need to plan and be extra organized but willing to compromise too."

3 Things We Didn't Know About Rosie

Photo: @rosiehw.

1.) "I have mean right hook!"

2.) "I’m a karaoke mic hog."

3.) "I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. I love a dirty joke and a pint of beer!"