Here’s Who Introduced Prince Harry To Meghan Markle

by The Zoe Report

Like most people desperately clinging to a shred of positivity in the international news cycle, we’ve been smitten over the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In their delightful television interview, Prince Harry almost spilled the beans when asked who introduced them but was gently stopped by an impressively media-savvy Meghan. Thankfully the sleuths at E! News have been on the case ever since, recently announcing they had solved the matchmaker mystery. While designer Misha Nonoo (close friend of Meghan and Harry through independent means) and Soho House consultant Markus Anderson were both considered possible culprits, it was apparently Violet von Westenholz who was responsible. Violet’s father is a baron and a friend of Prince Charles’, so she has been friends with Harry—and aware of his troublesome search for love—for a long time. Having encountered Meghan on the London circuit and through her role as a publicist for Ralph Lauren, she thought the pair a suitable (pun intended) match, and the rest is history. While this hasn’t been confirmed by Violet or the palace, it sounds mighty likely. The only outstanding question is, how do we enlist her services to find us a prince?