The Surprising Hobby That’s Earned Queen Elizabeth Millions

If you need more proof that Queen Elizabeth is the OG royal (if owning her very own Mickey D’s and drinking gin before lunch aren’t enough), here’s a figure for you: $8 million. That’s how much in prize money Her Majesty has earned over the past three decades for racing horses alone. Yes, it’s her lifelong passion and hobby, but unlike most of us who try our hand at scrapbooking or mixology, she’s actually good at it. According to the British Horseracing Authority, she’s got a 15.9 win percentage, with her thoroughbreds collecting 451 victories from 2,815 runs—all numbers that basically tell us she was the 11th most successful owner during that entire period. Not that she needs it, as her estimated worth in 2011 was about $500 million (and that was six years ago—FYI, inflation). While leading the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms may be fun and all, have you really seen the Queen happier than in the above photo? Didn’t think so.