Here’s Something You Didn’t Know About Princess Diana

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Sure, you know about her widely broadcast marriage to Prince Charles and the circumstances that led to their divorce, but as it turns out, Princess Diana's story has much more depth than what's usually reported.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of her death, a CBS documentary on the late royal's life shares never-before-heard details about the Princess of Wales, along with interviews featuring several people who were close to her.

Among the shocking bits of information disclosed is the fact that she and Charles barely knew each other when they got married. The two reportedly met only 12 times before they tied the knot, but Di admittedly felt a connection to her former husband. According to Susan Zirinsky, senior executive producer for the two-hour special, "[Diana's friend] Lana Marks tells us that toward the end, Diana told her, 'I really have only loved one man, and that's Charles.'"

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The documentary also touches on Diana's mental health struggles, specifically self-harm and eating disorders, which helped inspire her sons Princes William and Harry as well as the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to launch their Heads Together campaign for mental health awareness.

But it was ultimately her death that drew the most controversy of all, eliciting everything from conspiracy theories to finger-pointing at Buckingham Palace. "I think Diana's death robbed the world of an extraordinary, luminous character," says Patrick Jephson, who penned a biography on the princess, in the special. "She leaves an unfillable gap on the world stage."

True enough. To this day, people are fascinated by Diana, and this news special is just one way of continuing to document her legacy for her supporters.