You’ll Never Guess Who Wears The Proverbial Pants In The Royal Family

It’s Women’s History Month, and we’ve been celebrating all the #GirlBosses in our lives, from inspirational industry leaders and those who defend our rights to our mothers, sisters and even inanimate objects. The royal family is in observance as well, and they’ve let us in on which member is really in charge of the household—and yes, it’s a she. The Duchess of Cambridge, who can’t seem to stop gushing about her kids’ talents, just revealed that Princess Charlotte has swiftly assumed her role as the boss of the household. (She hasn’t even turned two yet!)

Fellow mother-of-two Samantha Burge shared the details following a war memorial unveiling during which she bonded with Kate. “She said that Charlotte is growing up really fast,” Samantha told reporters. “She is the one in charge.” And not to worry about sibling rivalry with big brother Prince George. “They are both becoming really good friends, George and Charlotte,” Samantha added. Although if Charlotte rules the roost now, how much more independent will she be once she grows up? We can’t wait to find out.