You’ll Never Guess Princess Charlotte’s Favorite Color

If you’re as fascinated by the little royals as we are, you’ve probably kept a close eye on their habits, hobbies and possibly their ensembles. When it comes to Princess Charlotte, we’ve even noticed a pattern in the dresses she wears—and it turns out this might not be a coincidence at all. The two-year-old apparently already has a favorite color, and if you’re looking at the above image for a hint, you can go ahead and guess: It’s pink. On a visit to Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London, Kate Middleton revealed her daughter’s hue of choice to a fellow enthusiast. “She asked me what my favorite color is,” six-year-old Nevaeh Richardson-Natiko shared with reporters after meeting the Duchess of Cambridge. “I said it was pink, and she said that’s Charlotte’s favorite color too.” (She was also wearing a pink dress.) Looks like the proof is in the style.